Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Mid-Year Report Card

Where to begin? The usual ebb and flow of a school year, has given way to what seems to be rushing white water rapids this year. There have been lots of great things going on, and just too little time to write about them. However, now that one semester is in the books, I thought I'd provide a little bit of an update on the Technasium and how well it's been thus far. And so just like the report cards I write for all of my students, here is the "Technasium's Mid-Year Growing Success Assessment & Evaluation Report Card Thingy" (Report card for short)

So what can we say about the results? Well although they haven't been the results I would have liked to have seen, it certainly hasn't been a failure. There has definitely been some hurdles, that still require great leaps to overcome, but none that are impossible. Answers to some of the problems facing the initiative are also unknown at this time, which can make it frustrating. But even if the room is facilitating greater collaboration and providing support to a small group, that makes it worthwhile. With anything new, there is obviously a period of adjustment and acceptance, and only with time will we see how useful the Technasium may be.

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