Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vow to Collaborate

"Here's the next instalment of #Peel21st Blog Hop. We  thought we would reflect on the 21st Century Competencies released by the Ministry which discusses the core 21st Century skills that are essential elements in modern learning. We thought these competencies could be a great way to prompt a conversation amongst the #peel21st community and afar as well. This month, it's all about...

Collaboration: Near & Far

I think collaboration is an essential element in learning. It replicates 'real-world' scenarios where you need to draw on expertise amongst a group. It involves skills at various levels and across various dimensions. It allows individuals to see how their thinking, actions, processes, compare against others, who all come from different places. It truly is a learning experience in itself. But how much do we explore this with our students? How much do we ask them to collaborate, not just work as a team? How much do we emphasize all its aspects? Therefore...

  • I want my students to realize the difference between collaboration and working in a team. 
  • I want them to develop the skills necessary to resolve conflicts on their own. 
  • I wish for them to work together for a set of goals instead of just one. 
  • I will push my students to explore empathy, disagreements, respect, accomodations, support, connections, leadership, creativity, and flexibility.

  • I need to push my students, and myself, to collaborate across backgrounds & differences; and collaborate with both those in the room, and those across the globe. 
  • I need them to realize that collaboration can happen with those in far off lands, who may offer greater insight than what can be found on a website, in a book, and definitely, in the 1999 textbook. 
  • I would like them to hear the stories of others, to listen to those experiences, and to make something from that. 
  • I will support them to take the risks, try new things, and learn together.

Collaboration. Not just teamwork.

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  1. I like the ideas here Jay. The best thing we can do as they try all of this is to support them.

    1. Yes I agree. Cool way to look at it. I like your note about resolving conflicts on their own. I think for a long time I thought collaboration didn't include that tension or conflict but realizing more and more that it comes up in true collaboration when we are pushing each other to our best work.