Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#Peel21st Sketch Hop

"Here's the next instalment of #Peel21st Hop. This time it's a little different - instead of a blog, we decided to 'Sketch it Up'. Remember to check out others' sketches posted at the bottom"

I have enjoyed 'doodling' over the years. I don't consider it much of an art, but I find myself during presetations, lectures, etc. needing to do something to keep myself focused - "Squirrel!"
I noticed sketchnoting creep into my Twitter feed more and more recently, and came to realize that it could be a useful strategy to use while listening. It's helped keep my attention, aided in synthesizing information, and allows me to create a useful summary to reflect on after. 
For this hop I decided, rather than summarize a lecture, just jot down some ideas about the future of school...

Be sure to check out the other #Peel21st Sketchers and their best creations!

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