Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sketch it Up!

Alright, so I'm no artist. Want to get that out of the way right off the bat. I can barely draw a stick figure, and don't even think about having me draw any kind of perspective! However, something grabbed my attention when I saw Sketchnoting for the first time. The visual representation of notetaking seemed to align pretty nicely with how I learn - colour, images, fonts, etc. - all capture the eye, and mind in turn.

So I took a whirl; grabbed a stylus, and my ipad, and tried it out. It became evident early on that it's not exactly hard, but not exactly easy either. I learned a bit and still figuring it out, but here are some thoughts:

  1. Trying to sketchnote during a lecture or keynote may be the most difficult. Trying to synthesize information while creating a visual representation is pretty challenging. I came to realize it's all about the rough work while listening, and then going back over it after.
  2. Not all apps are the same, and finding one that works requires experimenting with each. Each may have slightly different tools, and 'play' differently. I have come to realize the ones that offer a grid of some sort really help, and allow you to judge spacing and size more effectively.
  3. Play, play, and more play - the fonts, the images, the layouts, and everything else. I started trying to refine a couple different specific font styles, banners, and layouts. This really helped as it created a bit of 'go-to' set of tools that I could use quickly for the times I did try sketchnoting a lecture or keynote.
Other than that, it's a bit like doodling. ;)

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